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DIGITAL GIRL RMX-Jamie Foxx ft. Drake, The-Dream, & Kanye West

HOT NEW VIDEO..better follow up for Drake after he dropped "best i ever had" video. The gurls in the video remind me of the Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson "whats it gonna be"

4-star video..

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NEW Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa Mixtape...HOw Fly

Download Link

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A-Rod With The Beasty Walk OFF...

Exactly How I Feel Right Now...

I Wonder...

How does It Feels To Have diarrhea On My AirPlane?
Like What If You Had A Long Ass Flight And you Had to shit?
that'll be weak
then you have to walk away back pass all the people to your seat acting like you aint just fuck up the restroom
but im just saying though.

The Current Sound Playing Amongst My Thoughts

Turning Dreams Into Reality...

First I Wanted This...

But Now Im Gonna Get This One....Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh

The Introvert

Yes, I Have An Addiction

Cali's Own [Nipsey Hussle] - Shed A Tear

Listen Here

Ice Cream Paint Job Official REMIX? dope.

Ja Rule Speaks On The Eminem Diss...

Ye's Being Kanye Again...

Remember This?

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Lebron Finally Breaks Silence About Getting Tea-Bagged

LeBron on "Dunkgate":

"I never told anyone to confiscate any tapes. Nike has a no videotape policy at pick-up games. They've always done that. Now that LeBron is involved, it's blown up. It's a play that happens in basketball all the time. You can go on YouTube and see me being dunked on by a lot of guys. I like to call myself a shot blocker and [getting dunked on] tends to happen. Jordan Crawford is going to be a good basketball player ..."

If Life Was Tivo...

I wish i could go back and re-live every part of my life
instead of reminiscing, i re-live it
ya know, like the snickers commercial
Just For That Time I jumped off a two story flight of stairs...
Nigga what were you thinking?
Or That Whenever My Mama Whopped My A**
i Would Pause It And Move My Leg So She Would Hit Herself
Im Just Saying ..that would be thowed..

And then i Came up On this....shattered my dreams lol

the Original Prime Shout out DORROUGH MUZIK

shout outz to Deion Sanders turning 41 today..the original PRIME TIME
also shout outz to Dorrough Muzik makin its way..go pick up that album in stores NOW!

Crocodile Dundee Gone Wrong...looking ass

Remember This????

Okay, You Can Say "No Homo"

I Want The Moneys,Cars And A Umbrella Holder?!?!?!?!

In The The Words Of my Little brother [Josh]..."That Nigga A Hoe"

NBA Live 2010 Trailer!!!!!!!!!!

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ThrowBack Mr.Cooper

being stupid

This Nigga Tryed To Take My Gal....

Nigga Choked Me To



This Just IN!!!!!!....Kirko Bangz will Be Co-Hosting Houston's 1st ABC "Anything But Clothes" Party this FRIDAY @ CLUB NEXT. yeah, yeah and all that good shit...might drop a lil freebie freestyle and ish...come thru BRING THE

Before He Was King...He Was STILL Serious.


What is Life?
Life Is A Big Game in Which We Are All Distinctive Characters
Some with Long Hair
Some With Tattoed Bodies
And Some Even with Deformities
But We All Have A Purpose
What's Yours?
What's Mine?
Why Am I Even Here?
Why Are our Lifes Ran And Controlled By A Material Substance As Attainable As Paper?
So You Telling Me If I DOnt Make Millions Im Not Successful?
Why Will That Millionaire That Can Buy Anthing His Mind Desires, Trade It All for A Regular Life Like Mine?
Why Were We Made To Want What We Cant Have?
And When We Get What We've Always Wanted Why do We Ask For More?
It's A Never-Ending Circle
An on going quest for life
But Isnt Living Good enough?
In My Case, Its Not
Because I Know there's Something Or Someone Out For Me
And without saying a word, it will answer all the questions that i have
I Feel Like Earth Is Just An Interview
But Luckily This Interview Gives You Years To Prepare
You Dont Need a Suit and Tie, Just A bond With GOD
Heaven Is Forever, Not 9 to 5.
-what i do when i dont have beats to compliment my thoughts.

Maxwell - BadHabits

...and he doez it again

MY FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE EVER WILL BE HELD AT CLUB ESCAPe 914 Prairie Downtown AUG 19th ...A Day Before the bday and i would love for the world to come and support ya boy.....i gave you a free mixtape and millions of but now i need you to come thru for me...god willling it will be a great night..Kbz

Reaction To Vanessa Hudgens Nude

August Rush

One of the dopest movies i ever seen probably because its all about music...
Might be The Title Of My Next Mixtape also....kbz

The Good Music I Was Craving...Dont Sleep

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994)

During the last years of his life, Cobain struggled with drug addiction as well as the professional and personal pressures surrounding himself and his wife, musician Courtney Love. On April 8, 1994, Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle, the victim of what was officially ruled a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head. The circumstances of his death have become a topic of fascination and debate. Since their debut, Nirvana, with Cobain as a songwriter, sold over twenty-five million albums in the US alone, and over fifty million

Betty Wright-No Pain No Gain [One Of The All Time Favez]

-anything worth having at all is worth working for and waiting for-betty wright

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Big Poppa Freestyle-Kirko Bangz

Why-Kirko Bangz Freestyle aug 6.2009

Bang De Kirk-Madame Hart

Im Stuck Somewhere in Between
Love And Chasing My Dreams
But The Love of Chasing My Dreams Is Killing The Thought Of Me Having a Queen
I figure Im Better'n Me
Better'n Us By Letting Her Leave
But She Is Not Even Mines to Keep
She Is A Blessing From God With Minds to Feed
Now Thats Food For Your Thoughtz And Cold Is My Heart So Lives I Freeze
Uncompatible I'm
So Uncompatible That I Cant Make Compatible Rhyme
So I Battle With Time
The Minutes Are Gunz, The Seconds Are Knifes
Figure i Speak Up Tommorow
And Swallow My Pride With Vodka to Follow
If I Drink Enough Of This Goose
My Mind Will Get Loose
So I'll Have An Excuse
Cuz I Feel What I Feel Is Real ONLY until I Find Something Better To Do

The Current Sound Playing Amongst My Thoughts

The Funniest Drake Spoof So Far.....gone.

Wendy Williams ....Where's Nick Cannon?

Complex Magazine: 2009 August/September Cover featuring Keri Hilson

Complex unveils the second part of their cover collaboration for August/September featuring Keri Hilson, with artwork done by So-Me. The cover featured on the annual Style & Design issue, will be paired with a Kid Cudi x Augor piece, presented yesterday. A release at newsstands can be expected on August 11th, 2009.

Real Musik CLASSIC!

The King-She Like It

Listen Here

Lil Wayne-Major

Listen Here

Jordan fall line..X'clusive sneakerZ

Jordan??? yea MJ steppin' up to the plate wit these bootz/sneakerz/kickz for any occassion!


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